Year 1

1.1 The Gathering

The new residents move into WH

1.2 The Beer Monster

As the new residents get closer, they discover that one of their number is a Beer Monster

1.3 Haunted

Several residents claim to see a ghost in WH

1.4 Countdown

The physics students experiment with cap gun caps

1.5 The Pub Crawl

The students embark on a pub crawl around the local village

1.6 From A View To A Film

Some of the residents join a spy society

1.7 Pyramids Of Doom

A trip to the coast turns messy

1.8 Christmas

Its Christmas so the students celebrate

1.9 Octocurry

Chris hosts a New Years gathering

1.10 The Return

The second term begins

1.11 Birthday Part 1

On his birthday, Paul joins a coach trip to a nightclub

1.12 Birthdays Part 2

Craig has a birthday he'll never forget

1.13 The Exams

Its exam time at uni

1.14 Water War

After the exams, an escalating battle erupts