The Forest of Doom: The Cycling Thing II

Part 1: One Year Later

A new adventure begins...

Part 2: Isle of Wight '98

Return to the Isle of Wight

Part 3: Home to Taunton, Somerset

The Journey West begins...

Part 4: The Quantocks, Somerset to Bath

The challenge of the Skree Slope awaits

Part 5: Bath to The Forest of Dean, ?????

The first problem arises: which country is the Forest of Dean in?

Part 6: Day off in Cardiff, Wales

Not much cycling, but some shopping, eating and injury

Part 7: Into The Forest

A first trip cycling in the forest and some more injury

Part 8: Return to Wales

Having planned a cycling trip in Wales, we thought we should actually cycle there...

Part 9: Accident and Emergency

The injuries move up a level, leading to a hospital visit

Part 10: The Final Injury

There's just time for one more painful injury...

Part 11: Epilogue

Moving on

Soundtrack 2

Soundtrack to The Forest of Doom