The Cycling Thing

Part 1: The Plan

The plan for the Cycling Thing trip round Ireland

Part 2 : Training

What had we let ourselves in for?

Part 3 : The Isle Of Wight Training Weekend

Where it starts to hurt

Part 4: The Eve of the Ride

The big day arrives - stress rating *****

Part 5: Day 1 Cork to Clonakilty

The first day of cycling arrives

Part 6: Clonakilty to Barley Cove

A long day of cycling with bad weather and even worse luck

Part 7: Cape Clear

An eventful and traumatic day off from cycling

Part 8: Barley Cove to Glengarrif

Another day of cycling and soap opera

Part 9: The Healy Pass

The hardest day so far

Part 10: Shop Til You Drop

A day off to go shopping

Part 11: The Final Push

The last (and longest) leg back to Cork

Part 12: The Aftermath

It's all over

Rules of Sh*thead

Rules to the card game that got us through the week


In this ever more commercial world, everything has tie-in merchandise. The Cycling Thing doesn't, but if it did, this is what it might be like. These ...