Student Drinking Games

Zulu Warrior


  • Bottle Of Vodka (or any other desired spirit)
  • loads and loads and loads of beer
  • pint glass
  • shot glass
  • between 4-6 people  


Fill third of pint glass with beer and a third with vodka. Then put shot glass in the pint glass, so it is floating in the concoction. Sit in a cicle round the table and take it in turns to pour a steady (but small) flow of beer into the shot glass without making it sink. Whoever makes the shot glass sink must retrieve the shot glass and drink its contents. Replace the drunken contents with more vodka (or beer). All dinking is performed to the song (by the rest of the players): 
Drink it down you zulu warrior, 
Drink it down, you zulu CHIEF, CHIEF, CHIEF. Repeat.


When you pour the beer into the shot glass you must be using the left hand vulcan grip. ie. you hold the can with your left hand with your fingers in the shape of the live long and prosper sign. You can use a thumb master. When s/he puts his/her thumb on the table the last person to place their thumb on the table has to down a pint. If you leave the table for any reason you must consume your pint within one verse of zulu warrior.