Student Drinking Games



  • Beer
  • Chairs
  • People   


This game requires at least 5 people, and a maximum of about 12-15 people. There is always a chair to the game, often the initiator. Rules are as such. The chair will start out the game by yelling out "Chair calls time in, balls in the court of brother/sister whatever" At this point, he pointsd to the person with his elbow, looking directly down his forearm at the person. This is called a zoom. That person must then "zoom" another person, however, he cannot zoom the chair, and he cannot zoom a zoom. That is if somebody zooms you, then you are not allowed to zoom that person back again. However, if you do want to send the game back the that person, you can do one of two things, you can tap the back of your hands to the inside of your thighs, or you can extend your arm horizontally in front of you with a fist made, and then slap your palm onto the crook of your arm, or you can just shrug your shoulders. You can also pass the game to people sitting either side of you b! y tapping the side of your face, in which direction you want to send it, so for instance, if I were to tap the right side of my face, then the game would be sent to the person sitting on my left. 


No Swearing, you cant say the word or number 4, it must be 3+1, you cannot point, the same move cannot be done 3 times in a row. And of course any other rules that are usually implemented when playing a drinking game at your Uni.