Student Drinking Games

The Matchbox Game


  • Full matchboxes  
  • A table  
  • Empty pint glass (rules glass) optional  

Everyone sits around the table with their drinks. The game commences by christening the matchbox in a drink and naming it. The matchbox is passed around the table and players take it in turns to throw the matchbox onto the table from below the level of their drink. If the matchbox lands on

  • the long side, it accumulates 2 fingers of fine  
  • the short side, it accumulates 4 fingers of fine  
  • face up or face down, the player drinks the accumulated fine, rejoining the game only when he has finished the drink  
  • the floor, the player drinks their whole drink as quickly as possible  

Advanced rules

  • A rules glass may be placed in the centre of the table. If the matchbox lands in the glass the player may make up an additional rule. (See later for examples of additional rules)  
  • Ceiling shots - the player may 'use the force' to play a shot by closing their eyes and throwing the matchbox so that it hits the ceiling and lands on the table. If it does not hit the ceiling, it is a foul shot.  
  • If matches fall from the matchbox during play, that many fingers must be drunk by the player who threw the box. The matchbox must not be tampered with when using this rule