Student Drinking Games



  • lots of beer  
  • at least 5 crazy friends  


Each player picks a sign.(ie grab your lip, grab your ear).The first player begins by doing his/her sign then any of the other players.That player then does his/her sign then anothers.This game goings on till someone messes up.When they do they must drink then they start over.The key to this game is speed.(Example of a game:Brenda sticks her tongue out then does Tacha's sing which is cuffing her chin.Tacha in turn cuffs her chin then does Keltie's sign, grabs her lip.....on and on till someone drinks).


You may not deek ( go for ear then go for lip) If your not paying attention and miss someone doing your sign then that is a mess up You may not go to washroom till your drink is gone If you do a sign that does not exist, drink You'll catch the drift....