Student Drinking Games

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Submitted by Armando Saucedo


table(folding table), 20 14oz. cups(10 for each team), ping pong ball, and a lot of beer


Each team sets their cups at each end of the table like bowling pins, and fills all the cups half full wit beer, one team begins the play, and attempts to through the ball in one of the ten cups. If the team hits the cup, the other team must drink, always talking the cup from the back row( work in from the corners. Each team goes back and forth until one team hits the opposing teams cups. Whatever cups the winning team has the losing team must drink


Submitted by Martin Qualls


Rent the movie Strange Brew, with Doug and Bob Mckenzie. Take one drink everytime one of them says ehh.,hooser,beer and when they burp. You will not last very long into this movie before getting buzzed.

Drinking Jenga

Submitted by J-Rod Bates


Drinking Jenga is the coolest! All you need is the game Jenga, a sharpie marker, and lots of alcohol.


Mark each jenga block with either a give or take amount. EX. Give 3 Throw in various numbers and one Finish Beer. You can also throw in a couple of Social blocks to include everyone. Thanks, J-ROD Bates

Going Camping

Submitted by Johnson

Hey man, cool-ass page. I have two more simple drinking games that you can add to your page. "Going camping" This game is extreamly easy, hence you should be just a little buzzed before you start playing. The first person, preferbly someone that knows how to play, starts by saying "I'm going camping and bringing #@$?* " #@$/* is some item that starts with that persons name. Example-a person named Ben would say, "I'm going to bring a beer", and so on and so forth. If you don't say or "bring" the right thing you drink. Be sure that only one or two people playing, know the game. The second game doesn't really have a name, it's just "one up, one down" or " two up" or "two down". All you do is secretly hold hold your hands in the positions above, trying not to give the game away to any of the other players. Again these games are better to play drunk, and it starts to get really funny watching the other people trying to figure out what to bring or what the fuck one up or two down really means. Sincerely, Johnson