Student Drinking Games

Lost Games

These games were submitted from around the world.  Some are duplicated but the rules are slightly different.

Submitted by Aubry Burr on 14th April 1998
drunk driver

deck of cards
lots of beer

How to Play: this game is for two people. one is the dealer and the other is the "drunk driver". the dd randomly picks a card - number, suite, and colour. The dealer starts at the top of the deck flipping cards over. for ever face card that gets flipped over before the specified card the dd must drink....ace- 4 sips, king- 3 sips, queen- 2 sips, jacks- 1 sip.....somehow the card the dd picks always ends up at the bottom of the deck and by the time they get to it...they're gone... 

Editors note: This site does not condone drunk driving. Don't drink and drive!

Submitted by Aubry Burr
Circle of Death

deck of cards
lots of beer

How to Play: take a deck of cards and begin by putting them face down in a circle starting the circle with only three cards. then continue adding circles of cards until all cards have been placed down. you'll end up with about 4- 5 circles in a bullseye pattern. next each person sits around the bullseye and on your turn you pick a card on the outside circle and guess whether it will be black or red. if you guess right- then you give that number of drinks to whoever you want ... if you guess wrong- you have to drink that many sips. ex- I guess black... but the card ends up being a red jack... I must take 11 sips. now what gets you drunk is that as you finish one circle and move to the next one in, the number of sips doubles, then triples, then quadruples.....we've yet to make it to the centre without losing quite a few players...

Submitted by Chabela Mack

Requires: people and drinks

How to Play: Everyone sits in a circle, so they can see everybody. The game starts with everyone picking a certain motion. Example, giving the finger, making a funny face, thumbs up, etc. Everyone takes a couple seconds to get down some of the different movements of others. Everyone then pats their hands on the table, making a thumper noise. The person starting the game screams "What's the name of the game?" Everyone replies, "Thumper" game starter, "How do you play it?" everyone, "All F**ked up!" the game starter then makes a movement of someone else's. The person that the movement belongs to does someone else's. This game requires memory and concentration. You have to remember your move for when its done and someone else's move that you can do. If your move is called and you miss it or you screw up in any other way you have to drink, everyone starts thumping again while you are drinking. you don't stop drinking until the person next to the person that started the game screams, "What's the name of the game? 

Submitted by marilyn
Canadian roulette

-six pack of bear

How to Play: shake one can of beer get someone who isn't playing to arrange the cans in a circle place bets on your can and the person to get the shaken one gets the money

Submitted by Bob and Nina
Bob&Ninas badass drunk game


How to Play: Throw ball at person and if you hit them they drink for 19 seconds and if you miss you have to chug a beer
Advanced rules: Get drunk quicker

Submitted by My name
My game


How to Play: Get in a circle......drink lots of beer.....spin in a circle.....and PUKE

Advanced rules: Get Naked after you puke

Editor's note: Hey, why not. We've all been there...

Submitted by Sarah & Julia

Lots of beer, 4 or more friends
opitional=Stripper or Prositute

How to Play: 4 or more guys or gals sit around a table with a table cloth that hangs to the floor. The participants drop their pants to their ankles and a willing person goes under the table and can do whatever they please.

Submitted by Sarah & Julia & Ashley

Requires: Whole shit load of beer

How to Play: This game is really easy if you do not understand it you are fucking stupid and should not be drinking anyway. Everyone plays but there is one VERBAL player. The Verbal player begins the game by yelling 1-2-3 DRINK Everyone then chugs down their beer until the VERBAL player yells STOP Then the VERBAL player yells again 4-5-6 DRINK The VERBAL player keeps yelling until the beer is gone or they have reached 100

Advanced rules: This game may seem really boring at first but it is fun while playing another game preferable a drinking game

Submitted by Stuart White
Beer Dash


loads of pints of beer
quite large open space (best done in field)
marker in middle of area (pole or cone)

How to Play: place a pint of beer at either side of the marker equal distances away. One person runs up to the marker and runs around it 10 times. after running around the marker the player has to run to the first pint and down it in one. They then run up to the marker and run around it 10 times and then dashes to the second pint. After downing this they run back to the marker run around it 10 times and then run back to where you started. Each player does this a number of times, and people are disqualified when they fall over. The winner is the last man standing.

Advanced rules: use more than two pints, which makes the game last a lot less time.

Submitted by mike wakefield
licenced to ill

Requires: this game is played to the beastie boys licenced to ill album, all it requires is the album (of course) at least three people, and the alcoholic beverage of your choice.

How to Play: each player is either Mike D, MCA, or AdRock, (in the event there are more than three players, you can double up, i.e., have two MCA's etc.) If you chose Mike D every time the beasties say that name you drink, the same for the other three names. If they mention the beastie boys, or the beasties, everybody drinks. 

Advanced rules:

mention of white castle, last one to drink has to finish their drink.

mention of guns (includes piece and jammy, and others) you drink the drink of
the person to your left, anyone who gets confused has to finish both drinks)

mention of girls - you drink the drink of the person to your right, same rule as
above for anyone who gets confused.

mention of any obscenity (there aren't many on this album) everyone has to yell
the mirror image of the call letters of the plane on the album cover (that is
3MTA3, hold it up to a mirror to see what it really is) last person to do this
(or if anyone does not know it) has to finish their drink.

corollary to the above rule - the first person who can explain the mirror thing
to everyone, gets to make up additional rules.

happy drinking!

Submitted by Andrew Rosoman
Fuzzy Duck
Requires: A group of people who are already a bit pissed!

How to Play: stand/sit in a circle with your bevies! A chairman will then start by saying " To my left/right FUZZY Duck the person in that direction will also say Fuzzy Duck and it will continue in this direction until someone say " Does" he it now goes back the other way as Ducky Fuzz ......until again some on says Does he. The person who fails to correctly follow the sequence has to sink 3 fingers!

Advanced rules: A chairman needs to be elected. A piss warden whom players need to ask permission for the use of the toilets. And a weights & Measures to ensure that the correct amount of beer is being drunk. If you need more info

Submitted by Jennifer V(idea from chris B.)
Don't Remember


1. Lots of alcohol!!
2. girls and guys
3. * A deck of cards
4. Music!!***
5. Paper & something to write with

How to Play: 

O.k You round up some good looking people! 
1. Lay your deck of cards out on the table faced down. 
2. Every one is dressed (at that point in time) sitting around the table of
3. everyone gets their favourite booze or whatever.
4. Two people go in another room with the paper and pen. 
5. Those two people write all the card names down 2,3,4 etc. Vertically!!
6. Now next to each # write something down. For example:
2 Take any article of clothing off ( not including your socks).
3 kiss person to the left of you.
Now that you have the idea. Lets say that a girl picks up a card and it's a 
#3. The two people who wrote the rules reads whatever they have written down to
do. (lets use my rule #3 for example)
The girl has to kiss the person to the left of her... even if it's a girl. If
she refuses she must do a consequence. Such as drink for 10 seconds Etc.
7. everyone gets a turn, if anyone refuses to do anything they must drink
however long they're told to.
8. when all the cards are dead shuffle 'em back up and lay 'em back down spread
***** By the middle of the game you should all be buzzed and naked. By the end
of the game everyone should be shitfaced and passed out !!! Have fun.

Submitted by cant remembe
pub crawl

Requires: to be able to drink 35 pints of heavy do
How to Play: down 5 pints in every pub 
Advanced rules: do not be sick

Submitted by pisshead


Everyone must fill a pint with piss while someone leaves the room.
When the person comes back in (s)he must try to guess which of the pints is beer and which is piss. If they are right then they must down a pint and if the are wrong they must down a pint of piss.

How to Play: See requirements.

Advanced rules: Piss in the glass from the other side of the room.

Submitted by Didge
Fuzzy Duck


People and Beverages of heir choice

How to play: Nominate a "Master of Ceremonies", they will be the enforcer of all punishments.
(Most penalties will be found in the Advanced Rulings).

Play will start by going clockwise with the Master of Ceremonies beginning. They will say, "Fuzzy Duck." The person on their immediate left (that is a clockwise direction) will then respond with one of two things. Either "Fuzzy Duck' which means the game will continue to that players left, or "Does He", which will reverse play into a counter clockwise direction. When play is going counter clockwise, the response is no longer Fuzzy Duck, but "Ducky Fuzz". This can be reversed by a player once again by saying "Does He?" Two consecutive players (that is, next to each other) can not say "does he" to each other. The "Does he" command MUST be interspersed by at least one Fuzzy Duck or Ducky Fuzz. Any Mispronunciation of these words results in a penalty drink. The penalty should be decided on before the games starts. i.e. If drinking Tequila - make it a shot for every stuff up, if its beer make it 4 fingers etc. etc.

Advanced rules: As well as nominating the Master of Ceremonies, you can nominate a "ThumbMan". It is the thumb mans job to, during the game, discreetly place his right thumb on the table. The last player to reciprocate will be punished with a drinking penalty. If the ThumbMan places his left thumb on the table and someone reciprocates, they will al so be punished accordingly. Another option to make the game a "Formal". That is, you can not call someone by their first name. Everyone is to be referred to as Mr of Miss (and their surname). No person may point with their hand or finger. All pointing must be done with the elbows. The words Drink, Skull etc. are NOT to be used. The only words to describe the act of drinking are either "Consume" or "Imbibe". Some people also like to ban swearing, this makes the game extremely difficult in the latter stages. 

All violations of the rules are to be addressed by the Master of Ceremonies. Should the Master be the one to infringe, they must consume twice the normal penalty and relinquish their title to the person on their right.

Submitted by Rob Warren
Smoke and Fire

Deck Of Cards
2 Players
A lot Of Alcohol

How to play: One player is the dealer and takes thirteen cards from the deck. These cards are the only ones used in the game. The dealer keeps the thirteen cards face down in his hand and the other player has the option to call the colour of the first card in the pile. Smoke being black and fire being red. If the player guesses it right he has to guess the next card in order. If wrong
he has to take a drink and start all over again. The cards never leave their original order and the player continues until he has worked his way through the thirteen cards.

Submitted by Jason


a Deck of cards and One empty glass/cup (beyond the drinks of the players)

How to play: This is a simple get drunk quick game with easy to learn rules. The players sit around the table with the deck of cards and the empty glass in the centre. Each player in turn turns over the top card of the deck. 

Ace - Drink once
Two - drink twice
three - drink three times
four - everyone puts a thumb on the table - last one drinks
five - hands up - last one drinks
six - finger on the side of the nose - last one drinks
seven - person to the left drinks once
eight - person to the right drinks once
nine - categories - its a game - the person whose turn it is names a category.
each player must then name something in that category.
first to repeat/be unable to name one must drink
ten - social - everyone drinks
jack - rhymes - like categories - name a word (not orange or purple) and the
to be unable to rhyme it or who repeats a line drinks
queen - questions - turn to the next player - ask the most sick, humiliating,
silly or dumb question you can think of
that person must turn to the next player and WITHOUT LAUGHING OR ANSWERING ask another question. 
First to answer/repeat a question or laugh must drink
king (1-3) - pour part of your drink into the empty cup
king (4) - drink the cup

Advanced rules: The game becomes more dangerous and fun if the players are drinking different drinks. The nastier the mix at the end the more fun the game is (worst to date - red wine, Kaluah+milk, Screwdriver)

Submitted by Jason Marin

The most basic, yet satisfying drinking game of all times
All that is required is people with drinks

How to play:

Turn to anyone holding a drink
Say "Drink"
They can respond in one of three ways
(game works best when some people know it and others do not)
1) "good one" and they drink
2) "you drink" and you drink
3) "drink with me" and you both drink

That's it

Submitted by Erika B. 
3 man

My favourite rule for 3 man is no "Drink, drank or drunk" which means that everyone is left to come up with interesting alternatives - it is a sure-fire rule to mess up on and gets everyone drunk!!!

Submitted by Erika "Maddog" Barbara

Requires: At least five people and two decks of cards. Works best with beer but you can use the hard stuff if you have a death wish.

How to play: The dealer deals out all the cards. Three is the lowest and two is the highest. Whoever has a three throws it down to begin the game. The next person must then throw a higher card. If you don't have a high enough card to throw, you drink. A ten is high and clears all the person who throws it clears all the cards and starts again. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards first. The first round is played to establish rank. The winner is President, the next person is Vice-president, then Secretary, etc... all the way down to Beer Wench, and lastly, the dreaded position of ASSHOLE. This is where the fun starts. For the second round, everyone sits in a circle according to rank. The same rules apply but the new rule is that you can make anyone lower than you drink, as much as you say, anytime. In addition, Beer Wench, the person above Asshole, must fetch drinks for everyone whenever asked. This game inevitably results in everyone telling each other to drink and everyone drinking too much. 

Advanced rules: The President can call "Waterfall" everyone begins drinking at the same time and keeps drinking until President stops, only after President stops can Vice President stop, and so on down the line. (Yes, Asshole, usually pounds a whole beer on Waterfall.) 

Submitted by p.d.a

Requires: a pitcher of beer, a quarter, 4-10 players.

How to play: This is a take off of quarters. Break up into even teams. One team starts. The selected player bounces the quarter on the table and tries to make it into the pitcher. If the quarter falls then the other team must select an 'anchor'. Team must then select an order of their drinkers with the anchor always last. The first person starts drinking from the pitcher. He/she can take a breath when needed but cannot remove his lips from the pitcher. When the player removes his/her lips from the pitcher it is the next persons turn. The anchor must finish whatever is left in the pitcher when it comes to him/her. If the player misses the pitcher with the quarter then a player from the opposite team can try. The quarter is passed back and forth between teams until someone sinks the quarter. 

Submitted by Joe
Whales, Tales

Requires: 5 to 10 people

How to play: The game begins with somebody saying, "I am the king, and I call my court to order." That player then counts the players out loud, ending on himself. That person then says, "Whales, tales, prince of Whales calls on number," and says a number. (The number can not be more than the number of people playing the game.) The person that number to the left of him must say, "Nay!" The original person then says, "Who?" The person responds with a number. The person that number to the left of him must say, "Nay!" and the process continues. Players drink when they speak out of turn or if don't speak when they are supposed to. This is a fast-paced game, responses must be quick. After the player who messed up drinks, he starts the game again with, "Whales, tales..." The court must be called to order every time the number of players changes.

Advanced rules: If you know the group well and can recognise them by voice, if can be fun to play with your eyes closed. If a player stops speaking (if he is interrupted) while calling the court to order or while reciting, "Whales, tales..." he must drink. A player who messes up 3 times consecutively must chug his Beer.

Submitted by Joe Yowell
Circle of Death

1 deck of cards (2 for marathon versions)
lots of beer
at least 3 people (recommend 4+)

How to play: The game is very simple. You spread the cards face down in a circle and take turns drawing cards in front of you. If the card's value is 2-8, you drink. If the card is a 9, that player says a word and everyone must rhyme that word in turn around the table, the one who gets stumped drinks. If a Queen is drawn, that player must name a subject or category (e.g. types of beer) and all players must in turn name an object within the category, whoever gets stumped drinks. A Jack means a social. A 10 or King imparts special powers which one keeps until someone else draws the same card. A 10 makes the player "thumbmaster" until someone else draws a 10. The thumbmaster may at anytime place his thumb on the table, at which time everyone else must do so, the last one drinks. The King (player who last drew a king) may cause any player to take a substitute drink for any other player except himself. This is also known as the "make-the-rookie puke rule". Aces are perhaps one of the most evil and thereby most fun cards. At any time a player draws an ace, he must make a new rule. It can be any rule he thinks of, providing it does not cancel a rule already in play. These cards are good for humiliating your friends or increasing exponentially the volume of alcohol consumed. Just to get you started here are a couple of my crew's favourites: "OK Donnie, anytime anyone drinks, you have to tell me you love me.", "Alright fuckers, now whoever looks me in the eyes has to drink", and one of my personal favourites, "If you draw a card with a number on it, that number is the number of swigs you must take." Happy drinkin'.

Advanced rules: Hell, make up your own. I've always wondered about versions with nudity and/or physical challenges.

Submitted by The Alamo Brothers
I Call On You

Requires: at least three people are needed, the more the better. Beer, beer, and oh yeah more beer

How to play: This game can be played in a casual setting or while another drinking game is going on. One person decides that they have "THE POWER" and they call on anyone who is drinking, by saying, "(person's name) I CALL ON YOU!" The person who is called on has 1 drink to finish their beer if they are a beer drinker, 2 drinks if they are not. A drink constitutes the can or glass leaving the persons lips, no matter how long they leave it there. If the person who was called on can finish their beer in one or two drinks, they then have "THE POWER" and can call on anyone except the person who called on them. They have 20 minutes to call on someone else, or they lose "THE POWER". "THE POWER" then return to the original person. At no time can a person who has called on someone quit the game, unless physically incapable. Good gaming skills dictate that you wait for someone to refill their glass or get a new one. On the same measure, make sure you don't keep a full glass yourself. If someone is walking around drinking from a large cup, too bad, they have one or two drinks just like everyone else. 

Advanced rules: If completely bored, missing your drinking buddies, call a friend on the phone and call on them. Rules then change to 1 week to call on someone else. 
Usually used after graduation.

Submitted by The Alamo Brothers
Keg Wars

Teams of eight, one pony keg (8 gallons) per team. It is legal for a team to have a designated pourer, they cannot drink though.......

How to play: The object is pretty simple, teams drink until their keg is dry. 
There are rules though......if someone on your team pukes, they're out and the rest of the team has to pick up the slack....if someone spills their beer, they must sit out five minutes in the penalty box.....if being played inside, have a bucket for bladder relief.....that's it. WARNING: THIS GAME IS NOT FUN, IT'S NOT PRETTY, IT'S WAR!!! Have a trophy or a chalice for the winners, the last team to finish their keg has to clean up

Advanced rules: The unofficial world's record was set at Wartburg College by The
Alamo Brothers team: 24:36, good luck! 

Submitted by Cindy Renfroe
I'll Drink to That

Requires: All you need is a full glass of beer and lots of friends that don't know what the hell is going on. 

How to play: You all sit around and chat as you normally do during a party and then the people that know what is going on start saying "I'll Drink to That" as often as they want. Then the dumb ass people start saying it too, just to be cool. So you can get a hell of a lot of people drunk real fast. Finally they wise up and ask why you keep saying that. You say because I just wanted to drink to that. :) 

Advanced rules: No Rules!!!

Editor's note: I remember playing this as an add on rule to a Bond film drinking game with a friend of mine. He threw up in every toilet in the hall of residence, not to mention all over himself!

Submitted by Sarah Snow
Animal game

Requires: Lots of beer, liquor, any other alcoholic beverage of choice. A full deck of cards.

How to play: Any number of people can play (the higher the number, the harder it gets). The dealer hands out the full deck of cards. After everyone has there cards, do not look at them. Everyone in the group must pick an animal name. The more difficult the name, the harder it is. The dealer flips over his/her first card, the next person goes. If their card matches the dealer's they must recite the dealer's animal name before the dealer recites theirs. Who ever says the name first does not have to drink, but the one who loses has to drink the value of the card. The winner gives the loser their card. It keeps going around the circle. The first person who runs out of cards is the winner. It's really fun and easy. I recommend it for girls because it is easy!!!

Submitted by Chris Stewart

Requires: At least 8 people preferably sitting round a circular table and a
constant supply of drink

How to play: Everyone has to declare an Expression, Action or Movement. This can be anything form a distorted face to simulated sexual actions. Then one player is declared the chairman. The chairman starts thumping on the table in a fast rhythm and when everyone has joined in Thumping to the same rhythm (Hence the name of the game), The chairman shouts the following "What's the name of the game?" Everyone then shouts "Thumpers" Chairman:"What do we do?" Everyone:"Thump"
Chairman:"What's the object" Everyone:"To get fucked up".
The chairman now makes his sign followed by another persons sign. The other person the makes their own sign followed by another player sign. A player cannot return a sign form the person who gave it to him. This continues until someone pauses or a mistake is made. Forfeit is 2 fingers. If a mistake is made during thumping the forfeit is 4 fingers. The person who forfeit becomes the chairman for the next round. During thumping if anyone's drink falls on the floor he is sin binned to the bar where he must buy 2 pints, down one and return to the table with another. Not being able to drink or throwing up is you out of the game, though after a non drinking forfeit (use your imagination) They can return to the game. The game never really has any rules for when it should finish, but believe me it will. 

Advanced rules:

1. The Thumb Rule: One player is declared Mr. Thumbs. Anytime in the game he can place his right thumb on the table. The last player to do this forfeits 2 fingers. Mr. Thumbs can place his left finger on the table anyone who copies him forfeits the same. A player to loose to this rule becomes the next Mr. Thumbs. 
2. The little pinkie Rule. When drinking all players must drink using their 'Unnatural Hand'. Little finger must also be extended forward. Penalty 2 fingers.
3. Swop and change. If people become too good (i.e. not enough light beverages are being consumed) the chairman can declare "change left" or Change right" everyone's symbol then moves to the left or right and play continues. The chairman can also declare swop "swop left" or "swop right" this time everyone keeps their symbol by moves to the chair to the left or right of them. It is inadvisable to do both at the same time. In this case the game never gets properly started.

Submitted by Harper


Two or players, I pint of wobble which consists of 6 white spirits, 4 brown spirits and the rest coke. 

How to play: Then the first person consumes there wobbler and cries out next, then the second person does the same and so on. The game is continued until everyone has been sick. simple but deadly!!!!

Advanced rules: Do not dilute the cocktail with coke.

Submitted by Shannon

Requires: 4+ people a shot glass for each person alcohol of your choice

How to play: everyone sits in a circle. first person to go says "1". Second says "2". third says "3". and so on and so on. however whenever you get to a number that is a multiple of 7 or ends in a seven you must say "buzz" instead of the number. if you mess up by forgetting to say "buzz" or you say "buzz" at the wrong time you take a shot. it gets really hilarious when they start getting drunk. especially if they weren't good at math in the first place.

Submitted by damn yankee
fuzzy duck

Requires: five or so people, alcohol of choice

How to play: the group sits in a circle, the game is begun when someone says fuzzy duck. the next player in the circle then repeats fuzzy duck, play continues around the circle until someone chooses to say ducky fuzz- this will reverse the order of the circle and require the following players to repeat ducky fuzz, until someone returns to the phrase fuzzy duck. the phrases can be altered by anyone at any time. it's a simple game that produces interesting results when played by rather intoxicated groups (i. e. the phrases fucky duck and does he fuck often come up). the penalty for a mistake is high- usually five drinks, with the game restarting with the one who made the mistake.

Advanced rules: speed up the game or add the challenge of hand clapping or finger snapping to the basic rules.

Submitted by Chaos!
Three Man (another version)

2 6 side dice, a minimum of 4 persons 
(too much person can be deadly for the poor threeman!) 

How to play: First determine whom gonna be the three man: Everybody roll the dice and the lower total is the threeman 

The player to the left of the threeman begin. (turn are clockwise)

every time this result happen:
1) 3 or total of three (2 and 1) the threeman drinks one shot
2) on a total of seven the player to the left of the roller drinks one shot
3) on a total of nine the player to the right of the roller drinks one shot
4) on a total of eleven everybody drinks one shot
5) when you roll a pair the number is the amount of shot a person have to
drinks... the roller choose who the person gonna be! (Revenge!!!)
ex: on a roll of two 5s the roller can give 5 shot to someone or divide anyway
he choose among the other players (Hey if you r thirsty you can select yourself
as well!)

The roller can play as long has he make someone else drink.
The threeman can free himself by giving the title of threeman to another player if he roll a three or a total of three

Advanced rules: The threeman cannot leave the game unless he give the title to someone else or is in a coma

Submitted by Robert Rusk
Peanut Race

o packet of peanuts.
o Lager.

How to play: When you drop a peanut into a pint of lager it'll first sink to the bottom and then float back up to the top. Each member of the group must have his/her own pint of lager. Everybody drops their peanut in and the person whose peanut reaches the top last has to down their pint (or predefined number of fingers or whatever).

Submitted by Jarret Dreicer

Requires: Need a glass or plastic pitcher, and a small glass cup

How to play: Fill pitcher with beer (3/4). Place cup inside pitcher. Fill cup (1/2) with beer so it floats. Get into teams of 3-4. Each team takes turns pouring as much beer as they want into cup. The team that sinks it, drinks it!

Advanced rules: Any more advanced and you'll die.

Submitted by David Abra
Tellytubbies Drinking Games

Requires: Loads of alcohol & shot glasses

How to play: Drink a shot when the following events occur:

a tellytubby says ehoh
a tellytubby hugs an other tellytubby
a tellytubby mispronounces anything
whenever you are disturbed by the sun
whenever tubby custard is mentioned
whenever something is done more than once

Advanced rules:

whenever anything illogical happens
whenever you think you understand something (this may actually be a good guide as
when to stop)
whenever PO is naughty 
STOP when the grass isn't green

Submitted by Shannon Thunker

2 large glasses
lots of beer
4 players
towel for spills
beer bottle caps

How to play: Two people on a team sit across the room from each other, with a full glass of beer. One team tries to throw their cap into the other team's glass. If they make it, the other team has a chance to cancel it by repeating the same steps. If they can not cancel it the team has to share the glass of beer. Play continues until you are shitty!!!!!!!

Advanced rules: Using hard liquor

Submitted by Shannon Thunker

10+ people 
2 glasses
1 coin (with one side marked)

How to play: Two even teams. Teams sit in a line across from the other team, with their eyes closed. Each player grabs the hand of the person next to them. At one end you have the coin. The first person in the line has to flip the coin and when the marked side of the coin lands up, they squeeze the hand of the person next to them. This continues down the line until it reaches the last players. The last players have to chug their glass of beer. The one that finishes first goes to the other end of the line. The loser has to stay in the chugging position until they beat their opponent. Continue play until you're back to where you started.
Advanced rules: Take shots instead of beer.

Submitted by David Abra on 30th September 1998
No limit

a copy of no limit by 2 unlimited
vast amounts of spirits
some glasses (shot ones preferably)

How to play: 1 simple rule take a shot every time the word NO is uttered in the song.
Good luck (you'll need it)