Student Drinking Games

Examples of Additional Rules

  • Thumb master: The player declares themselves thumb master. When they put their thumb on the table, other players must put the correct thumb on the table. the last player to do so does a 2 finger fine and then becomes thumb master. (Also foot, tongue, head master)  
  • Jive master: the player declares themselves jive master. When they stand up and jive, the other players must do the same. The last one up does a 2 finger fine and becomes the jive master. (Also air-guitar master, Hawaii 5-0 master etc)  
  • Toilet chairman: the player becomes the toilet chairman. Players wishing to go to toilet must ask the chairman, who puts it to a vote. Players vote with a thumbs up or down. If the vote is no, the player cannot ask again for 5 minutes.  
  • No using numbers  
  • No pointing  
  • Left handed drinking