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Submitted by Jason Kershaw

As much beer as you can gather.
One shot glass per person playing, preferably of the same size.

Aim- To last the longest, your out of the game if you miss a shot or pass out.
1. Every person has one shot glass.
2. The glass is filled with beer.
3. The glass of beer is downed at the end of one minuter period.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until drunk.

The players are allowed to do anything, ie leaving the room, visiting the toilet throwing up etc. On the one condition that they down their shot at the end of the minute.

Century Club

Submitted by Ryan Malahan

Requires: people, beer, a clock

Gameplay: Every minute for 100 minutes, every person takes a shot of beer. At one oz. per shot, this equals a little under 9 cans of beer in less than 1.5 hrs. Not everyone can make it to 100, those who do, are declared the winners.

Fuck Your Buddy

Submitted by Bob Fox (Keuka College)

A deck of cards without the jokers. 
At least 4 player. Lots of beer. 

Everyone gets delt 4 cards face up. Place a beer in the middle of the table. Card values are as followed: Ace(14) King(13),Queen(12), Ace(11) everything else is its face value. Dealer flips cards until someone at the table mathches. This is repeated until there have been three matches made. Everyone who matches the dealt card throws their card in. If you have two or more of a kind and that card is dealt, you throw the pair in. When three matches have been made play stops and everyone counts up their cards. The three people with the highest score must then drink the beer in the middle of the table. Here is the part where you can "fuck your buddy" Of the three people who have to drink the two with the lowest score can take as much or as little out of the beer as they want, leaving the rest for the person with the highest score (ie. anchor man). Cards are then dealt again and play resumes as before


Submitted by Andy Merriam

Preferably 4-6 players sitting around a table. Each person has a quarter and everyone starts to spin their quarter and if your quarter falls you must start drinking until the last quarter on the table comes to a stop. You might need to mark the quarters so they do not get mixed up. It gets fun when people's quarters start to run into each other.

Black and Red

Submitted by Shea

deck of cards, a dealer, and at least 2 players

The dealer has the deck of cards and asks the first player black or red. The player will proceed to guess at whether the next card will be black or red. If the player is right, she/he will guess again and will keep going until he/she is either wrong or guesses right five times. If the player is wrong then she/he will drink the number of guesses she made. (i.e. the dealer asks "black or red" and the player says red and is right. She/he will then guess again. If the player is wrong then he/she will have to drink two drinks because she guessed twice). If the player guesses right five times, he/she can give 5 drinks to anyone else in the game, not including the dealer. Then play proceeds to the next player. After every deck, rotate dealers. Advanced: 
try it with shots of hard liquor


Submitted by cleo + rachel

Alcohol, A pack of playing cards,a pint glass

Remove 12 cards from the pack including 4 Jacks. Shuffle the twelve cards and deal evenly to the players. players lay their cards down one ater the other and whenever a Jack is layed something happens.1st Jack player chooses drink.2nd Jack player chooses size of drink. 3rd Jack player takes sip of drink 4th Jack player downs drink

The big 30

Submitted by waldo walters

1 deck of cards
5 dice

2 to as many players can play designate somebody to start begin by rolling all five dice highest score possible is 30 the person who starts the roll has the oppertunity to stay on 1 roll or continue up until three rolls stopping whenever they choose if player rolls 3 times the following player must beat their roll if player 2 rolls better in 1 roll than p1 must finish drink if p2 rolls better in 2 rolls than p1 must draw top card off the deck and drink double that amount. ex. : face cards worth 10 =20 numbered cards face value if p2 rolls better in 3 than p1 drinks the worth of the card if p1 cant be beat than the other players must drink worth of cards if anyone rolls 30 everyone else playing must get a full drink and chug if more than 2 people play it is always p1 against all if p2 has already beat p1 p3 should definately keep rolling for the big 30 whatever player rolls the highest is now overthehill man 

use 2 decks for more face cards
if you want to tone it down cut value of cards if half before starting


Submitted by waldo walters

deck of cards
16oz cup

start by placing cup in the center of table with cards spread at the bottom someone calls a color then picks a card if color is right may give out that many drinks face cards worth 10 if wrong drinks that many after choosing the card it must be placed on top of the cup with at least 2 corners of the card off the side if placing card on card same rule applies must be off the card in the air the game continues until anybody i mean anybody(even somebody walking in the door,your parents,even your dog its happened)knocks any of the cards off the mushroom stack once this happens whoever knocks it over must fill cup with beverage preferably beer and consume 

none just be prepared to get sloshed if you play correctly


Submitted by chris

at least two people and lots of beer,and a deck of cards, and a tablet and pen. 4=walk(1 sip), 10=single(1 sip), 2=double(2 sip), 3's=triple(3 sips), ace's=homerun(4 sips). every other card is an out. the only person that does not drink is the person that is up, everyone else does. You can play as many innings as you want but mainly it is a nine inning game. If you want to get fucked up then you definately want to play this game. 

The jokers are not involved. First determine who is the home team, and they get to decide the rest of the order. The first person goes and flips a card up. If it is one of those 5 cards everyone drinks what it tell them to, but if it is one of the other cards then it is an out. you keep flipping over cards until you get three outs. If the person who is flipping gets some runs then everybody has to drinks as many runs as they have. If the batter already has runs and they fail to score, they have to drink as many runs as they have. The runners advance on what kinds of hits you get. This keeps going around the sameway until you finish nine innings or until someone has the most runs. Once you go through the deck keep shuffling them. When some has the highest amount of runs, whoever is lower then them , they have to drink as many drinks as they are away from that person.

Double what you usually drink. for example if you pick a three drink six instead of three.


Requires - One Table
Two Dice
One Up-side Down Cup (opaque)
Many Players 
Chairs (as many chairs as players is a good idea)
Much Alcohol (one type ie beer is usual)
One Glass per player

The Rules - 
First place the dice in the up-side down cup so that they can be shaken but no-one can see them. It is easiest to explain this game from the view that you are the second player to go. The previous player has just shaken the dice and called out the role (ie a five and a three). The cup is then passed to you so that the dice don't change position (ie carefully). It is your task to role equal to or higher than this if you don't you down you're drink if you do, you call your roll and play moves to the next participant. But there's a twist. You can lie. Say you've rolled a feebly low role, just lie that you got the role that you needed. The next player will shake role the dice, call and no-one will know. Unless...... In normal play only you will see the dice you role until the next player calls you. Then, and only then, they can look at the dice you rolled in order to see if you where telling an untruth. If you were then you down half you're drink, if you weren't they down half their drink. Play then restarts from the next player. The order of Mexicani is the list showing the differnce in height between the different roles and is written from the top down: *At the top is Mexicani, a 1 + 2 *Next are the doubles from 6's down to 1's *Last there are the combinations from 6 + 5 down to 3 + 2 (1 + 2 of course being the highest) Of course you can make up your own order of Mexicani but everyone must know it agree by it and cross their hearts and hope to die. When someones drink is finished refil their glass. The game ends with the last person who can role the dice as the winner. If you can get your head around the rules it really is a very good game, what I can remember of it. 

BROADCAST BY Doug Waugh, undergraduate of Liverpool John Moores University, er Liverpool.

Nob fuck cunt

Submitted by Michael Wilson

Brains or practice

Like basic 21 everyone says a number or two in order until 21 is reached who ever says 21 drinks. But instead of normal numbers roman numerals are used. nob = I fuck =V and cunt = X. Thus 1= nob, 2= nob nob, 3=nob nob nob and 4 = nob fuck. If you make a mistake you drink. 

Go from saying one number at a time to saying one or two. eg 6&7 = fuck nob fuck nob nob.

Ship came in to the harbour

Submitted by Michael Wilson


The first person says a ship came in to the harbour carrying a cargo of ...... and chooses a subject eg. NFL Teams. Each person says a team in turn and the loser is the first who can't think of one imediately.

Social on the word harbour as well


Submitted by Michael Wilson


Deck of Cards

Card are placed in a triangle face down on the table with one card in the top row and five at the bottom Everyone is delt 3 cards. The dealer then flips over a card in the bottom row. The bottom row is worth one drink so for every card you have that is the same number you can ask someone to drink once. The second row (the one with four cards) is worth 2 alll the way up to the top card worth five drinks. 

You can bluff eg ask someone to drink when you don't have the card. (double penalty if they call your bluff).

Simpsons smasher

Submitted by Jon "JB" Broad

At least 4 people, each person has a bottle of their faviourate liquer or spirits and preferably 5 shot glasses each - pre filled for when they are needed (as soon as you have one shot or more you fill up the glass(s) that you have just used)

Just one episode of the simpsons is going to get all of you smashed. Every time one of the following things happens you have to take the number of shots allocated to it, this varys from 5, when something in my opinion hilariousy funny happens, to one shot, when something funny but ordinary happens. 
Here they are:-
A Guest apperance is made: 5
Smithers makes a joke or a sexual gesture towards anyone: 5
Homer says DoH!: 4
Maggie sucks her dummie: 2
When Mo recievs a crank call: 3
Maggie falls over: 3
Homer has a beer (in a can or at Mo's): 1
Bart or Lisa keep on saying "Please Dad": 2
Lisa outwits Bart: 2
Homer asks Marge for Sugggles: 3
Betty and Elma smoke: 2
Bart falls asleap in class: 3
Bart is cheaky or rude to anyone: 1
Lisa plays the Sax: 1

Depending on the context of the script the rules can be changed for example if Homer and Marge seperate and Homer drinks it can be worth more. Stuff like that.

Cup and Quarter

Required Items: A quarter , cup, and a wood table

How to play. 
You will need three or more players. It starts off by picking someone to go first. That person puts the cup infront of him/herself. Then he/she has to bounce the quarter and try to make it in the cup. if the person makes it, then that person chooses someone to drink.( if the person misses then that person has a chance to pass the cup and quarter to the next player or take another try, but if the person misses the second time, then that person has to drink.) If someone makes it three times in a row, that person gets to make up a rule, ex. rule: every time you drink, you have to wink at the person to the right of you. The rule has to be followed through out the entire game. You can make as many rules as you want, as long as you make it three times in a row. By Oscar Garcia 

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