Student Drinking Games

Drink While You Think


  •  Beer


Simple game. you sit around a table or in a circle, and someone says a name. the next person to go must come up with a name in which the first name starts with the same letter as the last name the first person gave: example: 1st person: wayne Gretzky 2nd person: Gordie Howe 3rd person: Henry ford etc.... the drinking takes place when someone can't think of a name. until they come up with a name they must continue to drink. in the event that someone comes up with a name in which the first AND last initials match the letter of the previous surname, the rotation reverses and the person who got it reversed to them must drink twice example: 1st person: Tom Hanks 2nd person: Harry Houdini goes back to the 1st person: the only rule is that the names must be famous people, no using the kid you sat next to in 8th grade spanish class.