Student Drinking Games

Even More Games

Even more games submitted from around the world

Lost Games

The Lost Drinking Games -40 games submitted from around the world

Smile (X rated)

An x rated game for the uninhibited

Your Games

Submit your favourite drinking games using Google Friend Connect

Basic Rules

Some basic drinking game rules

The Matchbox Game

A simple and popular game

The Two Coin Game

A game involving 2 coins

The One Coin Game

A simple but deadly game

I Never Did...

A drinking game for the uninhibited

Examples of Additional Rules

Additional rules for use as forfeits in the matchbox game and others

Pool Drinking Game

A drinking game based on playing pool


A game involving signs

Zulu Warrior

A game with chanting

Drink While You Think

A game where you have to remember famous names


A drinking game with cards


A game for 5-15 people using chairs

Century Club

A timed game


A game based on syllables

Six Cup

A drinking game where you roll dice and drink from numbered cups

More Games

More drinking games submitted from around the world