This homepage was first created in late 1996. I was in my second year of university and had gone up to the 24 hour computer centre to check my email. I was surfing around the internet and came across Geocities. I registered and claimed my 1meg of web space, soon after I got around to writing a basic homepage.


The American military connects two computers together and they immediately crash. Thus the Internet was born.


A British physicist at CERN in Switzerland invents the World Wide Web as a method of sharing data internationally over the Internet. Before long the blink tag is invented, polarising the internet community.


Early on in the history of the web, a site was set up to provide free web space. Originally called something like Beverly Hills Internet, it soon changed its name to Geocities and set up a number of communities covering a range of topics.


I had wanted to create my own homepage since I had started at university, and I had my first chance soon after. I convinced the webmaster to publish a page I had written about my hall of residence. Two years later I downloaded the page from the old server and gave it a new home on this site.


After discovering Geocities, I staked my claim on a plot in the College Park community - number 5014. College Park was the community for students.

The first version of this homepage was very blue and didn't use frames. I had a whole megabyte of space, but it only took up a few kilobytes, so I kept adding things. Soon after, I applied for and received Featured Page status, giving me even more space.

Faced with a vast unfilled space and a very low hit count I created the first spin-off from the site, Drinking Games and registered it separately on Yahoo!, instantly increasing hits by about 10 times.


At the beginning of 1997, I learnt about Frames and JavaScript. Version 2 of the site was born, swapping blue for white and adding frame navigation. To test my limited JavaScript knowledge, I wrote the Prob-O-Tron.

In the summer of 1997, I signed up for a 250 mile cycle ride with some friends. Seeing the potential for a new page, I created the second spin off: The Cycling Thing. Along with its sequel, Forest Of Doom, it was the last major addition to the site.

1998 to 1999

Between September 1998 and September 1999, I was studying for an MSc and too busy to add anything until Forest of Doom in April 1999. By the end of the year the page was looking a bit old and tattered. So version 3.0 was born, replacing the frames with a complete new look.

Meanwhile, there were changes at Geocities. A new look with a new logo, the Geocitizen. However, within a few weeks the Geocitizen was gone, never to be seen again - Geocities had been bought by Yahoo! and was rebranded as a section of that Internet giant.


No longer a student, I updated the page less often, but new sections appeared, such as the Mexican Trilogy.


Yahoo! announced plans to close Geocities and so a new home was needed for the website.  The content was remixed and became The WH.