What is the WH? Where did this site come from?


The residents of WH and their friends


The major locations in the WH story

Paul's Top Ten Tips

Top ten tips on subjects such as being a science student or throwing a party

Future Predictors

Ask a yes/no question, and random forces will predict the probability. Plus the prediction for your star sign. (Just for fun)

Year 1

The episodes and adventures from the first year

Year 2

Further adventures and episodes from the second year

The Cycling Thing

A spin-off adventure where several of The WH residents tackle a 250 mile sponsored cycle ride around Ireland

Year 3

Adventures and episodes from the final year of The WH

The Forest of Doom: The Cycling Thing II

A second spin-off adventure featuring more cycling in the Forest of Dean

Mexican Trilogy

The photo sets of people dressed as Mexicans

The Nottingham Thing

The Nottingham Thing is a tale of four men and one city. It continues the story started in The Cycling Thing and Forest of Doom: The Cycling Thing ...

Major Trauma

One night in the New Forest...

Student Drinking Games

No proper night out at the student bar is complete without a drinking game or two. Here are the rules to a few of The WH's favourites.